the neverending tunnel
Sunday, October 28, 2007
dancing away 10/28/2007 02:12:00 PM ?

i have moved. to here.
bye bye blogspot

Monday, October 15, 2007
dancing away 10/15/2007 02:41:00 PM ?

ground attack's been gd, almost done with it, left with guns only, besides the stupid dive toss profile, my normal bomb scores are actually quite good! 3 bombs 10m away from the target and 3 bullseye. possibly ending up as the course's hotshot, though i wouldnt really like that title, cos along with it comes greater expectations. but hey i'm proud of my bombing anyway, never expected someone like me to actually bomb decently. and by saying that i'm not being modest, nor am i belittling myself, just that i know myself best, with impatience to slowly correct for errors and a roughly-there-will-do-fine mentality, i've surprised myself even. i'd thought that i'd actually do better in air combat, but hmm looks like its actually the other way around. back to air combat now, gonna start air intercepts in a day or two, and after that 2v1 air combat, back to ground attack and its mission training already. sounds really fast, but its like 40+ flights to go. having a little renewed purpose, trying to see the end of october, and after that the start of november's a 4 day break from flying, some all saints day on thur, base closure on fri and weekend! plans for either brussels and amsterdam for chocolates and sluts, london for a soccer match, or to barce for.. another soccer match. haha, hopefully this plan aint getting scuttled. after that it'll be the winter break to look forward to. plans for either venice-rome-amsterdam, or switzerland,prague and godknows where else. though i'd love to go italy, going there with a buncha guys sounds real gay, so i'll most probably head to the swiss and freeze my ass off. still undecided so it could swing either way, or go some other place like germany, portugal, greece or whatever. this 3 months are gonna burn a hole in my pocket. how the hell am i supposed to buy a car when i get back, shit.

"i just wanna fall and lose myself, laughing so hard it hurts like hell, forget about everything and runaway" - Avril Lavigne's Runaway

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
dancing away 10/10/2007 03:48:00 PM ?

i just realised how much of a spendthrift i am, in this 3 yrs i've been in the air force i've spent like 70k to be conservative. and in these 8 mths in france and 2 weeks back in sg, i've spent 6k more than my coursemate!

Sunday, October 07, 2007
dancing away 10/07/2007 02:59:00 PM ?

another week gone, another week closer to home. almost done with ground attack, yada yada. same old shit happening everyday, my life's become so monotonous its amazing how i can still survive. excitement has become something i desire, like a drug addict i've been deprived of the adrenalin rush of yester year, and yet i lay wondering in bed every night if i'm ready to handle anything that happens, anything that sets my adrenalin pumping. nothing fazes me, a bird that flew too close, a landing that was too fast. a void seems to fill me up inside, though i cant put a finger on what it exactly was.

seems like i cant get myself to divulge everything that i want to say, when i think of what i want to pen down, my mind just goes to a blank, yet when i go to bed every night, there seems to be so much i wanna tell my friends, but once i face the screen, staring at the keyboard and the stars outta my window, my mind draws a blank. which ends up with me blabbering about the standard stuff over and over.

yup, so now the 'serious' stuff ends and here i am talking about the lv cocktail party that i attended this wkend, just for singaporeans cos we're the only ones who go crazy over the boutique, and end up splashing money buying down almost the whole shop when they organise a party just for singaporeans to spend. food was amazingly exquisite, champagne was subtle yet full of flavour, and retail therapy just took the best of me and i ended up buying a wallet which i bought for 600+ bucks. looks nice and simple, minimalism at its best.

still lying in the box and the dainty bag, all tied up and pretty, a gift for myself when i leave the land of the francais, marking the end of the journey. the journey that made me realise and cherish the simplicities of life, the futilities of me struggling to hold on to the past that have died.

the end should be a good one

Sunday, September 23, 2007
dancing away 9/23/2007 03:29:00 PM ?

one show i'd love to watch, hopefully it gets screened soon.
My Blueberry Nights

ok, the stay here is so mundane i dont even have anything new to say now. still at ground attack phase, about halfway thru, dropped practise bombs, boring.

cant rem the last time i called home from france. tink it was like.. april? or may? somewhere ard there. wif about 10 euros credit in skype going to waste. haha, havent heard a voice from singapore since forever. getting back to my room at 8pm everyday (2am in sg) doesnt help either. and i'm too tired to talk to anyone by that time. thank god for msn when i actually can get connected to internet. oh ya, my internet connection has been down for like 1 mth plus. its amazing how fast the french provide service support. lol

now zesin, i wished i could've been there with u, i could sure use a dozen beers or two. though i'd suspect if i could even down a quarter of that and still stay sober now, haha.

Monday, September 17, 2007
dancing away 9/17/2007 12:09:00 PM ?

bye bye university, hello SIA